Getting back to the old salt mine

GETTING “back to the salt mine’’ is not usually associated with fun, learning and a culinary experience.

But that is just what the latest East Coast visitor experience is all about.

Tasman Sea Salt at Little Swanport last month launched a new “Salt Sommelier’’ experience.

Established in 2013 just seven kilometres from a colonial era salt works, Chris Manson and Alice Laing produce salt drawn from the pristine nutrient rich waters of the East Coast of Tasmania.

The result is sea salt flakes, full of trace minerals and for the health conscious it has lower levels of sodium than any other salts.

The Sommelier experience is part of the continual expansion and growth of the business.

“We will be opening the doors to our saltworks, inviting guests to come along for a tour of our unique clean energy salt harvesting process, followed by a salt pairing adventure,’’ the pair said.
“Guests will be able to learn about the importance of salt for the body, how it impacts flavour, all while sampling a delicious tasting menu of small bites pairing our full range of sea salts with local produce.

For more information on the salt “tours’’ go to the Tasman Sea Salt website

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