Council goes on record

THE sustainability of the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council was a significant topic of conversation last year among residents of the municipality.

Mayor Robert Young said Council had heard from people that they believed there had been a lack of consultation over the changes to the rating system.

“Council resolved in November to get on the front foot with providing information to its ratepayers about the need for rate increases and the way forward as set out in our long-term financial plan and strategy which were developed during 2021,’’ Mr Young said.

“Council has developed a series of strategic plans which are available on its website but these are not easy, or particularly interesting, for many people to wade through.

“Council has taken the initiative at recent Community Connect sessions to provide information directly to attendees on three key measures of sustainability.

“Simply explained, this information provides a good background for the decisions Council will have to continue to grapple with in coming years to get to a position of sustainability for levels of service and management of assets such as roads and parks.”

The content of the community connect presentations have been recorded and are available to view on council’s website under the heading:
Financial Plan Consultation 2022-23:
https://gsbc.tas. community-consultation

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