Protesters see red over car park plan

EAST Coast locals have called on the Parks and Wildlife Service to abandon a proposed Freycinet Visitor Gateway development, evoking Joni Mitchell with “pave paradise and put up a parking lot’’. On Easter Monday, more than 50 locals donned red clothing to “draw a line’’. Freycinet Action Network convenor Sophie Underwood said the gateway, includingContinue reading “Protesters see red over car park plan”

Getting back to the old salt mine

GETTING “back to the salt mine’’ is not usually associated with fun, learning and a culinary experience. But that is just what the latest East Coast visitor experience is all about. Tasman Sea Salt at Little Swanport last month launched a new “Salt Sommelier’’ experience. Established in 2013 just seven kilometres from a colonial eraContinue reading “Getting back to the old salt mine”