Women’s moving knitted bits

WOMEN’S knitted bits are coming to King Island as part of an exhibition celebrating bodies and wellbeing.

Knit Your Bits is a craft project about women’s bodies. Womens Health Tasmania asked women to sew, knit or crochet part of their body for an exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day in March 2022.

More than 80 exhibits and artists’ statements began a statewide tour. The exhibition will be on King Island from July 1-28.

The project’s goal was to create positive understandings and celebration of the diversity of women’s bodies using craft and community. The exhibition has funny items, such as the large crocheted cuddly vulva, and deeply moving items such as a heart knitted by a woman who struggles to make a cup of tea due to mental ill-health.

Women’s Health Tasmania held craft workshops around the state, where skills were taught and exchanged, and health information shared. The weekly workshops and gatherings in Currie were facilitated by Phoenix House and coordinated by Wendy Thiele during in the last quarter 2021.

After the January 2022 local exhibition eight King Island-made items were sent to join the touring exhibition in Tasmania.

At workshops and through their artist statements, women have talked about their struggles with social isolation during the pandemic, about the impact of ill health and disability on their ability to live their lives the ways they want to, about surviving trauma, and about losses.

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