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GLAMORGAN Spring Bay Council has released options for the Bicheno Triangle Project.

The project is being undertaken by council in partnership with the Bicheno Community Development Association Inc (BCDA) and will be developed on council-owned public space.

The BCDA on behalf of the Bicheno community has been working closely with council on the development of the Bicheno Triangle design.

The Triangle is currently under-utilised public space in the centre of the township, directly adjacent the Tasman Highway, the main route through the town,’’ a spokesperson said.

It is a site that the community and council have struggled with in terms of how best to design and develop the space in a way that benefits the community economically and socially.

It has been perceived as ‘dead space’ on a site that should be a visitor hub for Bicheno.

The site offers an ideal opportunity to create a multiple use landscaped area that encourages visitors to stop, take a break and explore the town and in particular visit the local businesses and retail outlets, which surround this area.’’

The second and final stage of the master plan includes a lookout structure with integrated public amenities new pavements, pedestrian thresholds, seating, barbecue and picnic shelters and landscaping.

The Bicheno Triangle Project is being designed by landscape architect James Birrell of Place Design Group.

This is in keeping with the East Coast Regional Tourism Organisation’s (ECRTO) and GSBC’s vision for a series of interesting, well-designed experiential buildings and spaces along the Great Eastern Drive.

The 2018-19 financial year saw the completion of Stage 1 of the two stage project with Civilscape being the successful tenderer.

Stage 1 involved the redevelopment of the car park area, through road, bus shelter and exposed aggregate footpaths.

Landscaping was established to compliment the civil works. The proposed structure for Stage 2 originally included a slide. The slide has been deleted due to safety concerns.

Two options for the structure are being considered for inclusion in the works. Both options replicate the original triangle theme and incorporate public amenities.

The inclusion of public amenities with the focal structure will provide a high quality facility with lower long term costs.

This will also free up the originally planned location for the amenities for additional parking (five spaces) and or charging bays.

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