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STEP up to the Challenge this Steptember: Virtual Climb of the Tasman Island Lighthouse.

Have you climbed our local lighthouse, the highest operating lighthouse in Australia? “Lighthouse kid’’ and president of Wildcare group Friends of Tasman Island Carol Jackson has climbed the 130 steps of the lighthouse many times.

Her father’s first and last posting as a lighthouse keeper was to Tasman Island and her family lived on this wild windswept island for seven years.

The group’s major fundraiser for this year, The Lighthouse Challenge is an unusual one.

“It would be great if we could all go to Tasman Island and climb the lighthouse every day in September. We are doing the next best thing,’’ Carol said.
“The Lighthouse Challenge involves a virtual climb where you pledge to climb the lighthouse a certain number of times during Steptember.
“You find some local steps and calculate how many times you need to climb them to equal one lighthouse climb.’’

Three lighthouse keepers climbed the tower at least once a day, 365 days a year from 1906 to 1976 when the lighthouse was automated.

“In honour of my father and all Tasman keepers I have pledged to climb the lighthouse 30 times in September” Ms Jackson said.
“It’s a great way to get fit and have some fun and help us to continue to preserve and protect this wild place.
“Everyone who signs up for the Lighthouse Challenge receives a ticket in a draw for the main prize: the opportunity to climb the lighthouse for real.’’

The lucky winner will join Rotary Tasman Peninsula’s renowned annual fundraiser helicopter trips to Tasman Island in March next year.

Thanks to FoTI, Parks and Wildlife Service and the Australia Maritime Safety Authority you will be able to safely explore the light station and parts of the island and of course climb the highest operating lighthouse in Australia

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