Top entertainers island bound

WINTER is upon us. The roaring forties will hit the island as usual this time of the year, rain will feed the pastures and temperatures are dropping. Welcome to King Island.

Some islanders move to warmer grounds up north. Others stay warm and active, playing netball or footy. Some brave the cold and wind, to hit a ball at the golf club. The woodfires are glowing and often we see a post on the community notice board, with people asking for a metre of dry firewood. “Not much to do on the island,” we often hear. Well, get ready for some entertainment.

The name Jimmy Kuratz might not sound familiar. “I’m from the middle part of the USA, Iowa, where it’s pretty much nothing but corn, pigs and trailer parks,” he says. “I’m from a kind of a redneck, kind of a white trash area, which probably puts a bit of a tilt on the way I view the world,” he says. After 20 years cracking bones, he now likes to crack a joke around the world.

The stand-up comedian is touring Tasmania for six months He books his shows by ringing lots of clubs and pubs around the state. Whoever is happy to provide him a stage, gets a 90-minute show loaded with jokes, often on the edge of the political correct scale. “I like to do a lot of jokes about the things that you can’t say anymore, certain words that you’re not allowed to say anymore. It’s kind of edgy as they say. But I try not to really cross the line, but I’m sure I get pretty damn close,” Kuratz admits.

Kuratz will per – form his Unapologetic Redneck Show at the King Island Hotel on Friday, June 24. To book your tickets go the King Island Hotel Facebook page.

In 2016 Americana Country, singer/ songwriter Andrew Swift performed for the first time on King Island. At the time he was mixing a music career with selling caravans in Melbourne.

In 2019 he returned to the island for the Festival of King Island. A lot has changed since 2016. Now a full-time musician, two-times Golden Guitar winner at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and many top 10 hits, he’s ready to hit the road again after months of postponing shows due to Covid. “ I was booked for FOKI 2022, but that got cancelled also, so it’s time to come back to the place where I can buy some great cheese,” Swift says.

The performer will sing a number of his classics like Runaway Train and King Of The Sky, but there’s also new songs. “Being stuck at home, I wrote more than I’ve ever written. But then it also got to a point where I was running out of things to write about, because I get a lot of inspiration while I’m on the road,”Swift says.

The Grassy Club will host Andrew Swift on Friday, July 1. A three-course dinner with a great performer for only $35.

Book your tickets by calling 0499 167 797. On Saturday July 2 you can enjoy a local beer and Andrew performing from 2 pm at the King Island Brewhouse.

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