Festival an echo of connections

WITH the theme of kelp forests, the East Coast’s ECHO Festival returns next month. Promoted as a festival of the senses, ECHO (which stands for East Coast Harvest Odyssey) is about rekindling a symbolic connection between people and place.

Staged in wine country on the fringes of Swansea, the program brings together chefs, winemakers and producers as well as artists, musicians, storytellers and scientists.

Organisers said the boutique festival guides guests on a journey of the senses, taste, smell, sight, sound and touch.

Local and popular musician Ange Boxall first held the festival in 2019 and despite Covid restrictions which have resulted in many other events being cancelled or postponed, ECHO will take place on the weekend of April 8-10.

ECHO Festival showcases a diverse program that offers a range of experiences across food, sciences, nature, and art.

The immersive experiences of this festival of the senses are intended to create a sense of reawakening and rebirth.

Interactive experiences like the Womb Room, The Great Eastern Ferment (grape stomping) and Kelp Forest activations at the Beaker St Science Bar, are all designed to help patrons reconnect and recentre.

Other program highlights include headline musicians Hayley Mary and The Embers and performance art from Emily Sanzaro and Julia Drouhin, along with a host of talented performers.

On Sunday, the After-Party Recovery Trail includes a Wine Trail itinerary followed by a relaxed afternoon concert at The Barkmill Tavern with acts including Pete Cornelius Band and Phil Smith Band.

The festival is for those over 18 years and tickets can be purchased at http://www.echofestival. com.au

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