Women welcome at Shed

Mike Swinson
Sorell Men’s Shed

I MUST admit to more than a degree of trepidation when I decided to join the Sorell Men’s Shed.

I knew one other member but hadn’t seen him for a number of years, so my heart rate was up as I drove into the carpark and slowly walked inside.

Don’t know for the life of me why I was so concerned, because within days I was mixing with mates, blokes I got on with, blokes who were already giving me lip, taking the p.is, and I loved it.

Now our Shed is about to embark on another adventure, we are going to trial opening for one day a week to all comers, men, women and anyone who wants to explore the arts of metalwork, woodwork, fixing small motors, welding, the list is almost endless.

This is a trial, we are not inviting women into the shed when it’s open for the blokes, but rather expanding our days to allow others to join in our activities.

We have already been approached by a number of women who are keen to access our woodwork and metalwork equipment, so this is our official invitation to check us out.

If you are at all interested, come to the shed at 8 Station Lane, Sorell on Saturday, May 28 or June 4 between 9am and 2pm.

You will pay the princely sum of $1 for tea and coffee and you will be given a tour, check out the equipment and even have a go at some machines, depending on your capability.

Once we ascertain the level of interest we will make a final decision about what days to open to men only and when the shed will be open to women.

Come along and meet some of the blokes and check us out, you are more than welcome.

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