Time is ripe for gourmet pair

THE new owners of Every Man & His Dog Vineyard in Richmond have barely had time to settle into their new venture, with the grape harvest coming just around the corner.

Maurice and Helen Curtis, pictured, have significant experience with finer gourmet cuisine, the chocolate they produce through their Federation Artisan Chocolate being one of the staples of the Salamanca Market, as well as quality gift baskets from their CBD store.

However, their new venture into the world of winemaking may take a little more getting used too.

“At the moment, it’s all about getting our heads around the cellar door, it’s such an interesting process,” said Maurice.

That learning process will be a hands-on experience for the family, as within two weeks on their new tenancy their grapes have begun to ripen, and the picking panic has started to stir.

“The previous owners have been a huge help, and they’re helping us through the harvest, which will be great,” Helen said.
“There are little things I’m still discovering that I like about it as we learn, things like the vines, which are a lot older than others in the area, grow their grapes a bit higher up, which means less leaning down while we pick,”
“Obviously we’re learning as we go, once we’re up and running we’ll start to offer more with what we have and what we’ve already made, things like packages, tastings and eventually putting together things like chocolate making sessions.”

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