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Tragedy sparks ban call

A CORONER has recommended water skiing, knee boarding and ski-biscuiting on the Prosser River west of the bridge at Orford be banned. The call from Coroner Robert Webster comes after a seven-year-old Lauderdale boy was killed in February 2020 while riding a ski biscuit. The boy was being towed by a boat and was thrown from the biscuit and landed on rocks by the shore. Mr Webster said the area was “inherently dangerous place’’ to undertake water skiing and similar activities. “I acknowledge it has been common practice, over the years, for these watersports to be conducted on this part…

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Protesters see red over car park plan

EAST Coast locals have called on the Parks and Wildlife Service to abandon a proposed Freycinet Visitor Gateway development, evoking Joni Mitchell with “pave paradise and put up a parking lot’’. On Easter Monday, more than 50 locals donned red clothing to “draw a line’’. Freycinet Action Network convenor Sophie Underwood said the gateway, including a visitor centre and car park was overkill. “The Blundstone Arena-sized visitor gateway proposal represents the wrong scale of development in the wrong place,’’ she said. “There is support for an upgrade of the existing visitor services infrastructure, with measures introduced to control visitor numbers…

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