Students put youth in picture

SORELL School students have put their best faces forward to take part in a worldwide art project, some 138 countries and 415,000 portraits strong.

The project is called Inside Out, and is led by French Artist JR.

For the Sorell students, the project is led by Year 9 students Isaac, Doug, Travis, Amelia and Deakin, who are part of Action Crew 7172, a collective education initiative based at the school and operated by the Beacon Foundation.

The Action Crew, supported by David Adams and Evi van der Niet, have taken to the project, photographing over 100 students for the project, posting the motif across Sorell, spreading their message across the town that youth in Sorell is there to be heard.

“We have bright ideas that are rarely heard, and this is to show that we are capable and have the brains to take over,” said Isaac.

Outlined on their ‘Inside Out’ website, the Action Crew spoke more about the need for youth to be valued.

“One of the six principles of Action Crew is ‘nothing about us without us’.
“We want to make Sorell a more fun and interesting place to grow up in, where young people are seen, feel heard and valued.”

The Inside Out project is one of four major projects for the Action Crew students this year, with plans to raise the Rainbow Flag at the school later this year, becoming the first school in Tasmania to do so.

As well as this, the students are hosting sewing bees as part of their ‘Boomerang Bags’ project, where they are creating re-usable shopping bags for the community to do away with single-use bags.

And the Tin Camp Studio is an open forum for students to tell their stories within an environment built to listen, whether through talking, dancing, singing or share.

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