Sorell ditches plastic

*pictured* The Park Beach Cafe team are on board with Plastic Free Places Tasmania

SORELL municipality businesses are taking up the challenge to ditch single-use plastic with the help of the Plastic Free Places Tasmania project.

The project is supporting local businesses to adapt and reduce plastic pollution at its source.

Program coordinator Troy Furner said globally, including in Australia, single-use plastics were being banned because of the pollution they create.

“They’re quickly being replaced with reusable or compostable items, which customers also prefer,” Mr Furner said.
“It’s a massive win for the environment, and we look forward to assisting small businesses in their transition’’.

Plastic Free Places Tasmania is funded to provide free assistance to food retailers, helping make the transition away from single use plastics as simple as possible.

Thanks to a grant from the Commonwealth Government, the program can now offer the support to our local businesses.

“I’m sure that there are many business owners who want to start making changes, but simply don’t have the time. That’s why we’re thrilled to be supporting this program’’ Mayor Kerry Vincent said.
“Our program is designed to make it easy for local food retailers to adapt,” Mr Furner said.

“We work directly with businesses, looking at what they’re using and showing them what alternatives are available to them. We can also help them recognise their role in steaming the tide of plastic waste in our environment while also reducing ongoing packaging costs and offering free promotion.”

“This is a tried-and-true program that we have rolled out in nine communities across Australia.”

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