Pembroke Park on track for BMX move

a cyclist racing

BMX riders in Southern Tasmania are set to get a new national standard BMX track following a decision by Sorell Council to give in-principle support for the relocation of the Southern City BMX Track from its current location in Berriedale to Pembroke Park.

The facility, currently used by the Southern City BMX Club, had previously been flagged for relocation from its current home to Tolosa Park in Glenorchy.

However, a detailed investigation of the Tolosa Park site identified that significant works would be required to address underlying geotechnical issues at the site, making it unsuitable for a BMX facility.

Preliminary estimates indicated the site stabilisation works required to resolve the geotechnical issues would increase the cost to approximately $2.1 million, far exceeding the project’s proposed budget.

Glenorchy City Council led investigations and negotiations to secure a new home for the facility, with Pembroke Park identified due to its size, location and existing cycling infrastructure.

Glenorchy and Sorell Councils have been in negotiations over months to work through the details of the move, including the transfer of grant funding set aside for the facility, with both councils also working closely with the Southern City BMX Club.

Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas thanked the Sorell Council for working with Glenorchy to facilitate the move.

“This is a great example of two local governments working together to get the best outcome for their respective communities and a regional sporting organisation,” Ms Thomas said.

The new track will be partially funded by the Tasmanian Government through a $250,000 grant from the Department of Community, Sport and Recreation.

Glenorchy City Council may also contribute to the relocation costs, with negotiations around funding arrangements continuing.

Sorell Council will now conduct further investigations to confirm the cost of building the new facility before making a final decision on the move.

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