Neck widening work begins

THE widening of the Arthur Highway across Eaglehawk Neck, incorporating a footpath started last month.

President of the Eaglehawk Neck Action Community Taskforce Arthur Orchard praised the State Government for taking action to provide for a safe crossing for both pedestrians and vehicles.

He said it was a long time coming but well worth the wait.

The roadworks started with an archaeological dig to ensure any remaining footings from either the Commissariat Store or Guard House, once standing at the end of the convict jetty near the Dog Line, were not disturbed by the new road works.

No footings were discovered at the depth for the new road works and clearing vegetation was able to begin without delay.

The construction of left and right turning lanes off the Arthur Highway at the Blowhole Road intersection has meant a 20-plus metre widening.

A new sea rock wall is being built all the way back to near the entrance to the Hall, just past the Dog Line.

It is understood that once this is built traffic will be diverted on to the new side of the road while the existing portion is rebuilt and the footpath constructed.

Readers may recall that the road works were delayed from the initial proposed start on November 30 last year when concerns were raised within the Aboriginal community about the prospect of disturbing a sacred site.

State Roads agreed to alter the design of the road widening to avoid any possible disturbance by pushing the road further into Eaglehawk Bay and reducing the width of the footpath from 2 to 1.5 metres.

Works on the road widening are expected to be completed by August

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