Mountain bike views sought

A COMMITTEE pushing for the development of mountain bike trials in the Tasman has called for the community to pass an eye over their grand plans for the region.

The Tasman Peninsula Mountain Bike Association was only formed last December but has already begun to piece together a vision that could turn the Tasman into another of Tasmania’s premium mountain bike trial regions.

“The idea was started after a few local councillors had a lot of questions about mountain bike trails, as well as interest from within the community, the word was put out for anyone interested to come forward, and here we are,” Tasman Peninsula Mountain Bike Association vice-president Drew Carr said.

After talking to council, to landholders and interested parties, the committee is now looking to get the community behind their plan.

“Some on the committee don’t even ride, they just know it would be a good thing for the area.”
“What we are looking for now is help for us to refine our feasibility plan a little bit, we’ve put time into this plan, we’d love everyone’s opinion,” said Mr Carr.
“So far, we haven’t had many people say anything negative, but that’s almost an issue in itself, we just want more voices so we know what everyone thinks, to know what we can improve to get everyone on board.”

They have organised a community forum on Sunday March 13 at the Taranna Community Centre on Gourlay Road, from 11am – noon.

Information on feasibility studies and the next planned stages can be better understood by attending their festival stall or community forum, as well as checking out their video on YouTube under the Tasman Peninsula Mountain Bike Association channel, though it is worth noting the suggested trials have changed since upload.

“Tassie is now firmly on the mountain biking world stage, we should take advantage of this with these sorts of projects.”

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