Mine milestones reached

THREE women have been chosen as the first trainee truck driver cohort for G6M’s Dolphin Tungsten Mine.

G6M general manager Chas Murcott said the company was excited to announce more mine milestones this week. “The first three haul truck drivers trained at our Dolphin Mine are Tikki Denby, Kathleen Hunter and Rowie Murcott,” Mr Murcott said.

“A fourth truck operator, Sarah Hiscock, has just joined the crew along with three local fellas as general machine operators,” he said. “Working part time at the mine and able to still do other activities on the island is suiting many of the King Island residents,” Mr Murcott said.

“We still have further construction and operator positions available for interested islanders to apply for.” Chris Munday from Cat -William Adams along with G6M experienced operators Lucas Johnson and Phil McDougal have guided the trainees into becoming proficient operators.

“We currently have two Cat 775E trucks to be joined by a third later this month. “These trucks weigh 50 tonnes, carry 65-tonne loads with 825 hp engine so they are big pieces of machinery.

The drivers have to climb up a ladder to get into them. The trucks are loaded by the 30-tonne and new 75-tonne excavators on site and serviced by D8 dozer and 12-tonne roller. “The haul truck team have made a considerable difference to the mine site with road building in full swing.

“The haul trucks are also transporting rock to Stephen Helbig’s King Island Earthmoving crew, to be crushed, supplying material for the haul road and process plant pad.

“Rod McGarvie is doing a great job on the D8 dozer getting it to the required level. Construction of the TSF tailings dam wall with inert historic overburden begins next month.

“Haul trucks are the work horses of mines, and we are proud to have King Island residents trained and driving them at our mine,” Mr Murcott said.

Tikki Denby said she loves driving the biggest truck on the island. “It’s amazing to drive a haul truck and really rewarding to be part of the G6M Dolphin construction team,” she said. “In years to come I’ll be able to look at the haul road and say, ‘I helped build that’.”

Meanwhile, G6M has advised the Australian Stock Exchange that there has been a notable jump in the company’s share price and volume of shares traded. The share price has risen from 0.175c to 0.26c in about a week.

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