Lions shrink and cut

AFTER 37 years of serving the Tasman community the Lions Club of Tasman has made some changes to ensure its continuation and smooth running.

While the club still has 17 members, some are elderly and some have health issues and some of the younger members have full-time employment and/or young families.

Club president Leon Lisson said while they were happy to remain members they did not have the time to dedicate to a management role.

The Lions Club of Tasman has decided to operate as a single-purpose club under the banner of the Tasman Lions Swimming Pool.

Mr Lisson said the main concern if the club was to no longer exist would be the viability of the swimming pool, which was an important asset in the Tasman community.

“The Tasman Lions Swimming Pool committee are a dedicated and hard-working committee of volunteers ably led by Adele Skeggs,’’ Mr Lisson said.
“The Lions Club has ensured financial security for the pool from funds raised over the years.
“Maria Stacey (secretary) has given so much to Lions and the community over the years but no longer has the time to dedicate to her role in Lions as it was.’’

Mr Lisson and Treasurer Jenny Johnson indicated they wished to focus on their other community commitments.

“As a community with a very small population, Tasman is so fortunate to have great welfare support not only from Lions but a very active Rotary Club, a Tasman Conversation Group, The Tasman Op Shop and Library with their amazing financial support, an invigorated CWA plus other fantastic community groups,’’ he said.

The Lions Club will continue involvement in the Art and Craft Exhibition, which is a main fund raiser for the swimming pool; Breast Cancer Fund Raiser; Sponsoring school achievement awards; emergency care packs; general welfare issues; and sponsoring student first aid courses.

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