Battle for local mum

** Update – Katelyn Innes gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Friday, July 30, six weeks early. Both are doing well. Congratulations! **

FRIENDS, family and strangers have rallied around Carlton’s Katelyn Innes who is recovering after a brain hemorrhage left her in a coma.

And as if that isn’t hard enough, the 25-year-old mother is pregnant with her second child, due in just weeks.

A little over two months ago, Katelyn Innes collapsed and was taken to the Royal Hobart Hospital where she spent three weeks in the ICU.

Katelyn, 25, who is pregnant with her second child, is gradually coming out of her coma and working really hard on movement on her left side and coordination.

“All those little things we take for granted each day, like walking, talking and feeding ourselves are now things Katelyn is working on in her physio sessions to enable her to become more independent,’’ friend Kristy Hall said.

“Early June when Katelyn’s communication chart was introduced she told us she couldn’t hear.

It came as a total shock and one we never expected.

“In all that time the conversations we had had together she was actually lip reading us.

“Over the last couple of weeks her hearing has started to return on her right side, so that is fabulous news for her.

“Katelyn also has speech therapy and is working on using her vocal cords again which will enable her to get back to her chatty self.

“Considering the extent of her medical condition Katelyn’s recovery is progressing positively well, though slow for her, we see remarkable progress daily.”

To support Katelyn, husband Matt and two-year-old son Aiden, a gofundme page has been established.

Katelyn is a vet nurse and dog judge and from the outset the dog community jumped on board in support, even hosting a virtual dog show created by friend Teena Sloan.

“It was terrifying, she was at Westbury for a dog show,’’ her mum Yanina Smith said.

“A lot of people helped while waiting for an ambulance.

“She will go into rehab after the baby arrives, she won’t be able to go home with the bub. Matt will look after the baby.

There is a lot of fight in her and she is determined she wants to walk out with her baby. “There have been dark days, it’s been a real rollercoaster.’’

To support the Innes family, go to gofundme. com and register with Help Katelyn during her recovery.

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