App puts fees on course

THREE Tasmanian golfers have put their heads together to solve an all-too-common problem with many unmanned courses.

Simon Muller, Brook Lewis and Kyle Clark – self-described “casual golfers” – had repeatedly encountered an issue facing many Tasmanian golfers.

“Most courses in Tasmania use an honesty box, but it was becoming difficult to have the money on hand to pay,” Mr Clark said.

Their solution was to develop an app they named Green Fees where golfers can pay their fees online, without the need to carry the correct cash.

The system is based around a website where golfers find their course, enter the number of players in their group and pay from their phone, laptops, or even before they make their way to the course.

“It’s set-and-forget for the clubs, once it’s in place they can log in and check how many people have come through. No clubs have fallen through the cracks so far,” Mr Muller said.
“We aren’t trying to take over, there’s no exclusivity with Green Fees, people can still pay with cash in the old way, it just means, if there’s a Green Fees poster on the wall, you’ve got a choice of how to pay,” Mr Lewis said.
“Some people find it a chore scrounging around in the cash jar, or finding an ATM, we’re just offering an alternative to that.”
“Everyone carries their credit card with them these days, and especially since Covid, people just aren’t carrying cash anymore.”

As it stands, Green Fees currently has more than 30 participating clubs across Australia on their database – more than half of which are in Tasmania.

The list, as well as the app itself, can be found on their website,

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