Alarm over deer invasion

AN increasing number of deer sightings in the Tasman Peninsula has locals calling for greater awareness of their destructive threat.

Concerned locals have reported brazen deer in the region, many residents having deer coming right to their front doors.

John Miles, of Nubeena, said he was “sick and tired” of deer in the area, stating the numbers are so great that “we can’t even have a garden anymore”.

Madeleine Habib said as a new resident at teralina/Eaglehawk Neck, she was surprised to see the deer hazard sign on Blowhole Road.

“I was even more surprised to wake up the other morning to find three deer in my garden,” Ms Habib said.
“Our property is adjacent to the treasured Tasman National Park where we frequently see feral deer.”

Ms Habib contacted the invasive species unit, which she said urged her to continue to report sightings, contact media outlets and local politicians to raise awareness of the increasing presence and destruction.

Under the proposed Tasmanian Wild Fallow Deer Management Plan released last year, the Tasman Peninsula is listed as a ‘Zone 3’ area, where efforts will be made to eliminate deer presence through hunting and culling.

The aim of the plan is to minimise the wild fallow deer population in areas with significant natural value.

While public feedback on the proposed plan closed in December last year, it is vital that communities continue to advise their local representatives and media.

The more sightings that are reported by the local community, the more attention will be placed on managing the infestation,” Ms Habib said.

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